What we do

cavnessHR delivers HR to Founders, new business owners and companies with less than 50 employees. cavnessHR adds value by taking care of the HR business function while continuing to maintain their own values.

What we offer

  • Job Descriptions
  • Salary and Compensation
  • Employee Handbook
  • HR Policies
  • Compliance
  • HR Discussions
  • HRM/HRIS Recommendations
  • Payroll/Benefits Recommendations

HR Laws

HR Laws that small businesses need to know.

cavnessHR is transforming the way HR is delivered.

cavnessHR transforms the way HR is delivered in the small business market. cavnessHR will deliver great HR that is not cost averse to small business. cavnessHR will provide HR from after product/market fit until the small business hits the 50-employee mark.

cavnessHR delivers great HR to every company with less than 50 employees in the U.S to assist in growing their business and to assist in decreasing the percentage of business failures.